Recovery and Tow Straps - SECURE Sling & Strap

Recovery & Tow Straps

Our recovery/tow straps are made from high-tenacity, industrial-strength polyester webbing and have a breaking strength of 20,000 lbs, more than enough for everything from fixing fence posts (*see video below) to emergency recovery/tow operations for rock crawlers and recreational offroading adventures.

The eye of the strap is protected with abrasion and cut-resistant Cordura, extending the life of the strap by adding protection where it’s needed most, at the wear points where it rubs against tow hooks, shackles and other recovery tools.

Our color options allow you to customize your strap with your rig.

2″ x 15′ Black Recovery/Tow Strap


4″ x 20′ Yellow Recovery/Tow Strap

$80.00 $60.00

2″ x 15′ Blue Recovery/Tow Strap


2″ x 15′ Green Recovery/Tow Strap


2″ x 15′ Red Recovery/Tow  Strap


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