1″ x 15′ Endless Ratchet Strap (8 pack) Free Shipping

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Working Load Limit: 500 lbs.
Assembly Break Strength: 1,500 lbs.
Overall Width x Length: 1″ x 15′


Component Information:
Webbing Color: Yellow (w/ black edges)
Webbing Break Strength: 4,500 lbs.
Ratchet: Thumb Ratchet


Endless tie-down straps don’t have any hooks, just a ratchet where you can feed the opposite end of the webbing to create a loop that is perfect for bundling things together.

SECURE 1″ x 15′ endless ratchets are made from the same industrial-grade webbing as the non-endless version and can provide 1,500 lbs of strength to hold together whatever you need to be bundled.  Suitable for a wide variety of uses in various industries:


  • Bundling together tools and materials (eg, rebars)
  • A replacement for clamps


  • Securing garbage can lids against animals
  • Bundling together workshop materials
  • A replacement for clamps
  • Holding together DIY furniture (no screws/nails needed)

Farm and Ranch

  • Bundling together hay
  • Bundling tools together for organization
  • Grouping bulk bags


  • Bundling pallets
  • Keeping boxes and lids closed


  • Bundling tools
  • Bundling pallets of supplies


  • Keep boxes closed while on the trail
  • Great for bandoleros and quarter-midgets

Check our this post on the SECURE Insider for step by step instructions w/ pictures on using endless ratchets.

1 review for 1″ x 15′ Endless Ratchet Strap (8 pack) Free Shipping

  1. Ruth M

    I use these to keep the javelinas from knocking over my garbage cans.

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