Accpeting Pre-Orders for New Colored Tow Straps

We just finished production on our new colored tow straps.  And they look amazing!

New Features

Each tow strap comes with edge protection down the entire length of the product as well as reinforced eyes.  The additions increase the lifespan of the product by protecting the load-bearing threads from the everyday use and abrasion.

Unlike many competitors, who simply use a standard black color for the eye reinforcement (if they reinforce, and not everyone does), we’ve also gone the extra mile and color-coordinated the eye colors to add an extra aesthetic appeal that or competitors are lacking, thus giving customers the ability to more fully customize their gear to their ride.

Here is the Blue Tow Strap with blue eyes.

The black tow strap with yellow eyes, matching the logo.

The red tow strap with red eyes.

The Green tow strap with green eyes.

The other major change we’ve made is that the colored tow straps are now shorter than the standard line.  Instead of 20ft, the colored straps are only 15ft long, with the same 20,000 lbs break strength from our industrial grade polyester webbing.

Increase Customer Options and Increase Sales

Most tow straps and tow strap displays look exactly the same:

The tow straps are those yellow things on the 2nd shelf.

Offering your customers color options for tow straps will make your display more lively and colorful as well as set apart your store from competitors by offerings options not available elsewhere.

Colored tow straps will be available starting in September, in limited quantities.  

Because of the limited production quantity of only a few hundred straps, you should pre-order today to make sure that your products are reserved and that you can offer colored strap options to your customers in starting in September.

To pre-order, or reserve products, contact Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook  ( or call: 1-844-9-STRAPS.

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