First use of the Swivel360 hook on our new SuperRatchets

Just saw the first use of our new 2×8 SuperRatchet being used at Bob’s Bug Barn!

They chose to go with the Safety Snap version of the SuperRatchet, as the close up below shows:

Another great thing about this, it really shows the versatility of the SuperRatchet.

The trailer was a bit old and didn’t have any reliable anchor points on the bed of the trailer itself, so the Swivel360 hook was used to attach directly to the trailer bed itself:

A final point to notice is that there is no extra webbing to cut, knot, bind or in any other way have to deal with.

The 8ft of industrial-grade, hi-tenacity polyester webbing is just the right amount of length, despite the fact that this dune buggy was being hauled on the back of the trailer.

Big thanks to Paul (a client of Bob’s Bug Barn and owner of the buggy) for your purchase and for showing us why the SuperRatchet is the most versatile ratchet strap on the market.

And thanks to Bob’s Bug Barn for letting us do this impromptu photo shoot.  If you need any repairs on vintage VW’s be sure to give them a call or stop by:

Socrates Garret Enterprises now distributes SECURE products

socrates garret enterprises secure sling and strap tie down distributor in mississippi

SECURE Sling & Strap is pleased to announce that Socrates Garret Enterprises (SGE) is now an authorized distributor in Mississippi and the Southeastern US.

SGE, a premier minority and disabled veteran-owned business, is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, with Louisiana, Houston, Georgia and New York.  They specialize in complex, multi­site, fiscally challenging engineering and construction projects and can mobilize many resources at a moment’s notice.

SGE has extensive experience in procuring and fulfilling federal, state, municipal, and private sector contracts related to multiple disciplines within the engineering and construction industries.   Client base includes the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), FEMA, and multiple municipalities throughout the United States.

In addition, they have also managed numerous projects and provided quality control services for notable clients such as Jacobs Engineering, Siemens, CDM, URS, and many other private entities.

SGE is currently distributing the latest SECURE product lines including:

In the future, SGE will also be maintaining a stock of a wide range of lifting slings, including eye to eye, endless and round slings.

SGE will not only help people by providing the highest quality transportation and cargo securement products, but their knowledgeable staff is also able to work directly with clients in order to develop customized solutions for unique transportation and construction projects.

SGE are experts using their wealth project management experience to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and pride themselves in delivering quality projects that exceed client’s expectations.

We look forward to working with Socrates Garret Enterprises in order to develop the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective products and services in the field transportation and construction tools and equipment.

New Product Alert: Personal Protective Equipment

We’re pleased to announce that SECURE, through our partnership with SRC, now distributes personal protective equipment.

The addition personal safety equipment to our industry-leading line of load safety equipment (tie downs and slings), provides clients and partners a more streamlined purchasing process, allowing them to consolidate to two most important, safety-focused product classes (load safety and human safety) required to successfully and safely deliver cargo and complete projects.

Our new line of personal safety equipment includes:

  • Hi-viz Driving gloves
  • Hi-Dexterity gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Face protection

To place your order, simply visit our website!

New Product Alert: 2×27 Ratchets in Stock – Order Now

Get 20% OFF when you use the code: 2018rtd.

New Product Alert: 2×8 SuperRatchets in Stock – Order Now

Get 20% OFF when you use the code: 2018super

The Perfect Choice for Transporting Your Vehicle

SECURE SuperRatchet tie downs come with an integrated axle strap that saves time and money without sacrificing quality.

Fitted with a twisted snap hook (or J hook) for convenient anchoring, each strap is made from industrial-grade polyester which resists water, oil, UV, stretching, tearing, rot, mold and mildew.

With 10,000 lbs of breaking strength, you can rest assured that your vehicle is SECURE.

The Best Ratchet Buckle on the Market

Our exclusive Swivel Hook 360 makes sure that you can always mount your vehicle, no matter where the attachment is, from flush mounted D-rings to using the side of the trailer itself.

Tough and Rugged SuperSleeve Protects your SuperRatchet Tie-Down Strap from Wear ‘n’ Tear

The road to wherever is full of elements that take their toll on your ratchet straps. Mud, sand, sharp edges and who knows what else can invisibly shorten the life of your strap and put your vehicle in danger. That’s why each SECURE SuperRatchet strap comes with a protective covering around the axle portion.

Become a SuperRatchet Distributor

Looking for distributors for our improved line of SuperRatchets. Give your customers the most innovative, well-made product in the industry for vehicle transport. Contact us today to set up a partnership: Director of Sales – Scott Holbrook (

New Product Alert: 4″ x 30′ Winch Straps in Stock – Order Now

Get 20% OFF when you use the code: 2018winch

SECURE 2018 Products ready for sale March 1st

The following products will be stocked and ready for delivery on March 1st:


Our flagship product line, for 2018 we’ve not only improved the best vehicle securement ratchet tie-down on the market, we’ve also added a new member to the SuperRatchet product family.

1 x 15 SuperRatchet

Our unique design gives you the flexibility of having a “soft wrap” at both ends of the ratchet.

This versatile design not only gives you the ability to secure your ATV or dirtbike without fear of scratching the metallic parts but also lets you mount the tie-down basically anywhere.

2 x 8 SuperRatchet

We’ve made the best even better.

New: Swivel Hook 360

The addition of the Swivel Hook 360 makes securing your side x side, race car or any other vehicle faster and more convenient.  Now, you can use pretty much anything, from a flush-mounted d-ring to the side of the trailer itself, as an anchor point.

Also, with no webbing strap on the short end on the ratchet, it’s now easier than ever get the leverage you need to make sure that your expensive cargo is firmly attached to the bed of any trailer, without bruising your knuckles doing so.

New: Twisted Snap Hook

The newest member of the SuperRatchet family, the T-Snap Hook not only provides that extra peace of mind when hauling your rig over long distances but also turns the SuperRatchet into a legitimate recovery tool.

Once you snap the spring-loaded, heavy-duty latch onto the built-in triangle ring, rest assured that your big boy toy isn’t going anywhere.

Standard Ratchet Tie-Downs

For those that are securing something other than a vehicle, we’ve also made improvements to our standard line of ratchet tie-down straps.

2 x 27 Tie-Down

Only slightly less popular than the SuperRatchets, our standard 2in ratchet is now 2ft longer and comes with other improvements as well.

New: Reinforced Easy-Grip Handle

The new EG handle not only gives you a better grip, it’s also reinforced to make sure you get maximum ratcheting power.

New: Easy-Glide Ratchet

We’ve reworked our ratchet from the ground up to ensure maximum ease of ratcheting.  But don’t let smoothness of motion fool you.  You still get the same ratcheting power you expect, without the strain you’re used to.

New: Hi-Vis Safety Tag

DOT compliant and driver friendly.  Our new tag makes it easy to ensure proper use throughout your organization.

New: 4 x 27 Ratchet Tie-Downs

New to the SECURE lineup, our 4×27 offers 20,000lbs of breaking strength for extra large and extra heavy loads.

Designed with truckers and heavy haulage in mind, our 4×27 tie-down straps are DOT compliant with a hi-vis safety tag to keep your drivers safe.

New: 4 x 30 Winch Straps

Rounding out our heavy haul line of products, the 4×30 winch straps come with the same 20,000 lbs of breaking strength as the ratchet strap.

And just like the tie-down, the 4in winch strap is also safety first with a hi-vis safety tag illustrating the proper and safe use of the product.

Pre-Order for March 1st

Contact your nearest SECURE distributor in order to place your pre-order for the 2018 lineup.

Image result

Image result for sierra cycles logo

Image result for tucson store fixtures

Image result for openbox wholesale store

Or call 1-800-9-STRAPS and pre-order directly from the SECURE warehouse.

The Best Ratchet Strap Display in Phoenix

Big thanks to our partner Arizona Motorsports and Offroad for making the best looking straps on the market look even better!

When placed next to the competition, it’s clear that there is no competition.

If you’re looking for a great strap, or a great deal on a new Artic Cat Side x Side come tax season, then be sure to check out Arizona Motorsports and Offroad.

For more information about AZ Motorsports and Offroad, their custom outfitting service and location, check out this post about our partnership.

Why SECURE uses black ratchet buckles

When is the last time you looked at a ratchet strap and said to yourself:

“Wow!  That’s a nice looking strap.”

If you look around the industry, you’ll notice that, with few exceptions, all the products are just copies of this 4in strap:

ratchet tie down

Or this 2in strap:

ratchet strap generic j hook


Here’s a gallery of some pretty easy-to-find ratchet straps Amazon and other places on the web:


Notice anything?

All of these products (and hundreds more) are all using exact same ratchet style (yellow zinc).  They’re all using the exact same hook style (also yellow zinc).  And pretty much any other parts they add to the straps are also using yellow zinc.

The only “difference” is the name on the webbing.  Apparently, all of these so-called brands missed that day in elementary when they were taught not to copy their neighbor.

Why are all ratchet straps the same?

Is it because truckers don’t care about having options?  Seems unlikely given the number of custom rigs out there:

Image result for custom semi truck rigs

Image result for custom semi truck rigs

Image result for custom semi truck rigs

Image result for best looking corporate big rigs

Is it because companies don’t care about their brand image?  Also seems pretty unlikely given that no two corporate rigs are the same:

Related image

Image result for corporate big rigs

At SECURE, we believe that companies want to stand out.

That truckers want to personalize and individuate themselves and their rigs.

That it’s not nice to copy your neighbor.

Which is why we’re committed to making the best looking products available (competitive pricing and exceeding industry safety standards should go without saying).

Here’s a SECURE 4in ratchet:

And out 2in ratchets look just as nice:

SECURE already provides custom private labeling solutions to companies that want their brand to be front and center on all company property.

In the future, we’re committed to bringing both owner/operators and companies more standard options to make themselves and their brands stand out and get noticed.

You wouldn’t want your company trucks, or your company website, or your corporate HQ to be a copy of the same (not very attractive) thing everyone else is doing.

So why not make yourself stand out more from the competition with the best-looking tie downs in the world?

And if you really want to get noticed, ask about our private label solutions which allow you to customize every aspect of your strap to make sure that your entire fleet is a moving advertisement for your company.

Contact Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook, to get your fleet equipped with the best (looking) ratchet straps on the planet.

Fresh from the Factory

The first products of 2018 have rolled off the assembly line.

SECURE Sling & Strap pallets ready for shipping

Since we had such strong demand from transportation and cargo securement organizations, we’ll be increasing our maintained stock levels of 4 x 30 ratchet buckles…

…and 4 x 30 winch straps.

Also, each product will be carrying an improved, bright orange safety tag with easy to understand safety warnings and product use instructions.

1 x 15 ratchet strap safety tag

In an upcoming post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the other improvements we’ve made to existing products as well as introduce some brand new product lines for 2018.