SECURE Safety Squad #1 Fall Tour Dates

This fall, SECURE Safety Squad #1 will be visiting cities all over the Western US promoting the SECURE SuperRatchet line of products as well as our upcoming SuperBags.

Our goal is to meet and develop relationships with independent business owners and contractors all over the region to give them an opportunity to try SECURE products in their own businesses.

Visit our booth at the following events (or call to schedule an appointment) and get great deals on single and bulk purchasing for the SECURE products that best fit your needs.

SECURE Trains ACE Hardware Sales Associates

Last weekend SECURE delivered training to sales associates at ACE Hardware.

The purpose of the training was two-fold.  First, to give sales associates a general understanding of ratchet tie down and tow straps, including:

  • The material construction ratchet tie downs and tow straps
  • How to gauge the quality of a tie-down or tow strap
  • Proper use of ratchet tie-downs and tow straps
  • Maintenance and care of ratchet tie-downs and tow straps

Second, was to give sales associates specific training on SECURE SuperRatchets and why they are a better option for clients:

  • SuperRatchet innovations and features
  • Target Customers
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Proper use of SECURE SuperRatchets

We’d like to thank ACE Hardware for the opportunity to train their sales associates on how to help their customers purchase a superior product for their cargo securement needs.

If you’re a retail store and you’d like to offer SECURE SuperRatchets to your customers, email Scott Holbrook ( to schedule a meeting to learn more about the advantages of SECURE product lines over traditional tie-downs.

SuperRatchet quickly becoming the standard at trailer shops nationwide

Trailor shops and custom fabricators all over the nation are recognizing the SuperRatchet as a superior product to offer their clients.

SuperRatchets, because of our 360Swivel technology, offer trailer fabricators as well as cargo haulers a variety of options on where and how loads get secured.

This means that SuperRatchets work great on a variety of different trailer types and applications from tieing down vehicles…

…to making sure that tarps don’t fly off of loads.

To learn more about how the SuperRatchet can work with your trailer builds, give us a call at 1-844-9-STRAPS and schedule an appointment for a representative to come by and give a product demonstration.

Accpeting Pre-Orders for New Colored Tow Straps

We just finished production on our new colored tow straps.  And they look amazing!

New Features

Each tow strap comes with edge protection down the entire length of the product as well as reinforced eyes.  The additions increase the lifespan of the product by protecting the load-bearing threads from the everyday use and abrasion.

Unlike many competitors, who simply use a standard black color for the eye reinforcement (if they reinforce, and not everyone does), we’ve also gone the extra mile and color-coordinated the eye colors to add an extra aesthetic appeal that or competitors are lacking, thus giving customers the ability to more fully customize their gear to their ride.

Here is the Blue Tow Strap with blue eyes.

The black tow strap with yellow eyes, matching the logo.

The red tow strap with red eyes.

The Green tow strap with green eyes.

The other major change we’ve made is that the colored tow straps are now shorter than the standard line.  Instead of 20ft, the colored straps are only 15ft long, with the same 20,000 lbs break strength from our industrial grade polyester webbing.

Increase Customer Options and Increase Sales

Most tow straps and tow strap displays look exactly the same:

The tow straps are those yellow things on the 2nd shelf.

Offering your customers color options for tow straps will make your display more lively and colorful as well as set apart your store from competitors by offerings options not available elsewhere.

Colored tow straps will be available starting in September, in limited quantities.  

Because of the limited production quantity of only a few hundred straps, you should pre-order today to make sure that your products are reserved and that you can offer colored strap options to your customers in starting in September.

To pre-order, or reserve products, contact Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook  ( or call: 1-844-9-STRAPS.

SECURE Director of Sales Visits Houston


Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook, is in Houston this week giving demos on the full range of SECURE products from bulk webbing to lifting slings and SuperRatchets.


SECURE SuperRatchets

SuperRatchets – SECURE is most known for our SuperRatchet line of products and will be discussing with Offroad Stores, Hardware Stores and Trailer Shops the benefits of offering SECURE products to their customers.


SECURE Bulk Webbing

Bulk Webbing & Lifting Slings – Because of the industry-recognized quality of our webbing, lifting sling and tie-down fabricators have an intense interest in using our webbing in their own fabrication operations.  However, as with anything that has the SECURE name, certain standards must be met before we allow the use of our products in any kind of manufacturing.

All in all, we’re excited about this week’s visits and about increasing our presence in the Houston market!

Black is the New Yellow

In our last post, we mentioned that there was a bit of an issue with the yellow dye taking to our new black webbing.

It looked a little green from where the dyes were improperly mixing:

After working all weekend, the color team solved the issue.

The above video is directly from the factory floor and looks amazing.

We’re very excited to be offering our retail customers and industrial clients the widest range of color options available on the market for each of our product segments.

Black is not an easy color to work with, even for an experienced manufacturer like SECURE who has done black products in the past.

If you’re looking to make customized black products, contact Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook with you specialized request (

SECURE Week in Review: 6/25 – 6/29

Product News:

SuperRatchet+ Field Testing Begins:  We delivered the first prototypes of our upcoming SuperRatchet+ lines to our R&D Partners at Kevin McMullen Racing and Fly-N-High Total Performance Center.  Over the next couple of weeks, they’ll be putting them through their paces (500+ miles of the most rugged and dangerous terrains on Earth) to make sure they live up to the SuperRatchet name before we release them to the public.


Production of SECURE color straps on schedule…mostly:  As we mentioned in this post,  we’re adding color options to SECURE products.  And the new colors look great!

The black strap, which should have a yellow logo, is more of a challenge than we thought it would be.

It looks more green-ish than yellow.  But we’re professionals at custom orders and product innovation, so we’ll get it right.

New Retail Partnerships:  We added two more stores to the SECURE Retail Network – Artie’s Ace Hardware in Paradise Valley and The Wholesale and Openbox Store in Tucson.


Looking for New Partnerships:

  1. Offline Industrial Distributors – We’re looking for product distributors in the following areas: Construction & Contracting, Transportation & Trucking, Manufacturing & Warehousing.
  2. Online Sales Affiliates – If you sell products online, then our Affiliate Sales Program will allow you to diversify product offerings and increase revenue.  Since we can dropship and do all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is put the products you want to offer in your online shop!

Contact Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook ( and schedule an appointment (in-person or via conference call) to learn more about the value that SECURE product lines can bring your clients.

To stay up-to-date with the latest SECURE news and exclusive Insider product deals, be sure to get your name on The List:

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SuperRatchet Inventory Clearance! All SuperRatchets are 25% OFF!

To make room for our incoming colored SuperRatchets,  we’re giving a 25% discount on all SuperRatchet purchases while supplies last!

Our 1 x 15 SuperRatchet is great at securing quads and dirtbikes while protecting your finish from scratches and dents.

If you’re moving something bigger (like a dune buggy or a race car), our 2 x 8 SuperRatchet w/ j-hook or 2 x 8 SuperRatchet with Safety Snap will do the trick.

Just head over to and at checkout use the coupon code: SUPER25 to get your 25% OFF.

The world’s best ratchet tie down just got better!

The SECURE SuperRatchet, widely considered the best ratchet tie-down on the market, just got better.

We’re excited to announce the following improvements to the best tie-down for securing expensive, heavy equipment and cargo.

Longer Lengths Add More Versatility and Securement Options

The current 2 x 8 SuperRatchet is perfect for securing ATV’s and offroad vehicles, as well as riding lawnmowers, racecars and other vehicles to a trailer, as tested by Dirt Wheels Magazine and many others.


But sometimes comes up a bit short when trying to use it to secure cargo in a truck bed.

To deal with this drawback, we’re adding two new lengths to the current 8 ft offering: lengths of 15 ft and 30 ft will be available for purchase starting in September.

Higher Breaking Strength Adds Extra Security

SECURE SuperRatchets are rated for 10,000 lbs and already use the strongest AA webbing available anywhere on the market, which is why teams such as Fly-N-High and McMullen Racing trust SECURE SuperRatchets to secure their high-valued racing machines.

Fly-N-Hi Race Truck

However, in order to make the SuperRatchet the undisputed leader in securing high-value equipment, we’ve increased our webbing break strength from the industry-standard 10,000 lbs to an industry-leading 12,000 lbs, which is the maximum breaking strength possible for 2in webbing.

More Color Options Allows Great Personalization

Finally, in response to feedback from loyal clients, starting in September we’ll be offering the SuperRatchet in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your securement equipment to match personal of corporate branding.  We’ll initially be offering four new colors to choose from:  black, red, blue and green.

As we get closer to September, we’ll be running specials and discounts on pre-orders for the improved SuperRatchet line.  Be sure to sign up below in order to get coupon codes and deals for the best ratchet tie-down you can buy anywhere.

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Remember & Honor

SECURE remembers and honors the thousands of men and women in the U.S. military who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom.

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